About us

LEGRA is the heart of the Islands and the soul of the city!

The word ‘Legra’ is derived from the Balinese Sanskrit word ‘Lugra’ which means the realization of a dream that has been longed for.

In an effort to embrace life's simple pleasures and enhance the raw and natural beauty that surrounds us, LEGRA was born in Bali back in 2014 by Susan Dietch to inspire you to be somewhere else.

At LEGRA, we design & curate a fine selection of beautiful handcrafted island goods from bags, fashion accessories, home decor, unique gifts and much more.

LEGRA products are handmade by artisans in Bali, Lombok and Java Island - Indonesia, using locally sourced materials. Each product is carefully designed with natural materials such as straw, rattan, leather and bamboo.

 We pride ourselves in the originality and uniqueness of our bags and accessories, as well as the personalized shopping experience we lend to our customers.

LEGRA is here to fulfill your wanderlust with aspirational and unique designs that take you from the city to the sea.

Love from LEGRA