Design is a plan for arranging elements in a way that best accomplishes a particular purpose (Charles Eames)


Do you know that Indonesia is one of the worst plastic polluted countries?

We support and make our products from ata grass (known as rattan), water hyacinth, straw, bamboo, wood and leather. These are all natural materials and are plastic-free.

We also are keeping an open discussion with our friends and community about plastic waste and how to decrease pollution. You can help the environment passively by using our natural and durable bags for shopping, and or just feeling and looking good, knowing you are helping the environment and people with jobs. Remember one less plastic bag makes a difference.

How do we make the bags, home goods and accessories?

  • All is handmade
  • Made in several islands: Bali, Lombok and Java Islands, Indonesia
  • Fair trade for our artisans, we pay them more than average
  • Our headquarters are located in Jimbaran, Bali. We team up with 36 artisans in small villages to make all our handmade bags, home goods and accessories locally sourced.

Do you consider helping local people in fair trade?

We support our Indonesian artisans by providing them an above average wage and support education in the villages for a better quality of life. We support communities and families, where every dollar makes a difference. We avoid services and partners, where money would “disappear” on the way. We choose honest people to work with.