There are two main pillars what LEGRA wants to achieve with the business; we aim to give our customers eco-friendly products that are ethically made and high quality. At the same time, we want to help the artisan’s families who live in the islands of Indonesia to grow, strengthen their love and honour to the authenticity and beautiful creations that they present to the world through LEGRA.

LEGRA is owned and operated by a Java native female who is blessed to call Bali and Los Angeles as her home, Susan Erni Dietch. She believes that her path is to create and sell beautiful things. From such a young age, she was inspired and trained by her mother, Bunda, how to run an independent business. Bunda still owns a handcraft retail store today. She gained further experience working as a retail manager for the Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts, refining her skills and taking on multiple properties across the globe.

After her time with the Four Seasons, she left to start her consulting firm, where she built businesses that helped provide many job opportunities in the neighboring communities. With her worldwide sales experience and the many opportunities offered by her retail, hospitality, and consulting expertise, she continues to create and manage LEGRA by creating and connecting teams of designers and artisans.

Susan intended to establish a business that can connect her two homes. One that allowed her to live in LA with her husband David, and gave her the freedom to visit her family in Indonesia. Moreover, she strived to create a business that would help support struggling communities in her hometown and neighboring communities. Just like that, LEGRA was born. 

LEGRA features rattan at the core of each piece to showcase its strength, diversity, and identify it as an eco-friendly resource to the fashion industry. Indonesia is the largest rattan producer in the world, so the material represents the culture’s history. Rattan bags are originally created in small villages throughout the islands before harmful plastic and mass-produced bags. With LEGRA, Susan aimed to bring attention and appreciation to the traditional craftsmanship behind her designs and share the stories of those weaving them.

Today, weaving is considered an outdated vocation in Indonesia. 

The craftsmanship is slowly disappearing. The artisans in their villages shared stories about how their children or their successors do not want to help continue the family business of weaving. The young generations think that weaving is not as cool and such outdated vocation.  More young people in Indonesia prefer something that they deem cooler, like interacting on social media with friends and working in big cities. 

LEGRA embraces the past and the present, by bringing social media and traditional media alike to showcase to the younger weavers and raise awareness through our brand. 

LEGRA wants to show these young craftspeople of Indonesia how worldwide fashion influencers, celebrities, consumers, professional tastemakers and international media welcome their creations. There is a place in the market beyond their ideas of what and whom they are creating.

We hope that we can educate and move these future craftspeople to continue this amazing legacy and impart excitement and a sense of being proud of their art. LEGRA wants to keep the momentum also challenges these young generations of artisans to open their minds and push their creative sensibilities to create something new, something even couture. We want to bring their art to the world.  

Join the LEGRA community, as we take you on an adventure you’ll never forget.

From Bali with love,
Susan Dietch
Founder, Chief Creative